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qu'est-ce que la traduction humaine ?


Quality and expertise
The translations you entrust to Tibo Traduction are done by experienced translators with professionalizing diplomas, who all work towards their mother tongue.

To guarantee coherency between your various documents, we work with software with a translation memory; this memory is actually a growing database of phrases translated for previous documents, which increasingly aids in completing subsequent translations. It is a real tool that finds exactly the same term already used in one of your previous texts.  It is not “translation software", which does not and never will replace a human translator.

Indeed, a nuance, a special turn of phrase, a word set off thanks to another in a sentence - these are so many aspects of style that translation software will never be able to discern. Even if machines have been able to replace people in certain professions, translator "robots" have not been invented!

Translations are a vehicle for your image just as much as your original documents are. Therefore, translation quality is extremely important.

Investing in time
Speaking a foreign language and translating a text are not equivalent skills; in addition to specialized training, mastery of working languages and overall expertise, a professional translator is devoted to only translation, taking the time necessary to get each job done right, working continually and with concentration through the day. He therefore is not subject to all the distractions he would be otherwise, which would show so blatantly in the final translation’s quality.

Take the example of your technical salesperson to whom you might entrust translation of assembly instructions. Using her workday for such a task is not helping your company; indeed, this would not be among the duties she is best at, and the best she has to offer would not be used.

Do you take a day from your holiday to fix your car instead of sending it to the garage?

Your company’s time and know-how are precious resources; manage them efficiently and send your documents to Tibo Traduction!